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Dholpour Stone is found in two color Red color other beige color,dholpur stone is used in exterior designing like wall clading,evalation,lawn path and outside of home Avaible size of dholpur stone both side naural -56×56,60×60,60×90,in cm,

thickness– 20-30mm in both side natural stone 

dholpur stone gangsauw polished slabe size – 3×4,3×5,4×6,4×7 in feet

thickness – 20,30,30,40,50,50,90 and 120mm as customer`s wish

Dholpur Stone Sandstone is one of the buff white colored sandstone having uniform granular structure exhibiting and unmatched elegance to any interior and exterior of the building. This sandstone is being quarried & used from centuries and number of historical buildings and monuments due to its regular bedding, uniform grain size, suitable nature and durability. This buff white colored sandstone has minor purple colored veins which are prominent only when it is wet and looks very attractive. One can use Dholpur Beige Sandstone in almost any type of application to match the house decor. Dholpur Red Sand Stone Price List,Dholpur Stone Dealer,
Dholpur Beige Sandstone is an excellent choice if you want to introduce stone inside your home. Dholpur Beige Sandstone is often used to make feature fireplaces that are truly magnificent. Beige Sandstone has been loved for centuries and provides a richness and elegance like no other. Wherever you decide to use Beige Sandstone, you can be assured of a look that will be elegant, timeless and naturally beautiful for generations to come.

Owing to its natural beauty, Dholpur Beige Sandstones are used for interior as well as exterior decoration including flooring, paving, cladding walls and floors.

Dholpur stone featurer…

  • Color- white,beige,pink & Red 
  • Stone form- slab & cut-to-size
  • Stone type- sandstone
  • Finishing- natural & sawn
  • Origin- dholpur ( Rajasthan)
  • uses- wall cladding & outdoor flooring
  • Price range- 14/-sq.ft. upto 45/-sq.ft.

Dholpur Beige Sandstone has the property of being chiseled and dressed into smooth surface or can be carved into various shapes. It is extensively used as roofing and flooring stones, as well as for paving and paneling purposes. It has also used in the form of beams, pillars arches, doors and window sills, wall facings, fence posts and milestone etc. This stone is highly resistant to acids, alkalis and salinity and it provides resistance to thermal variance also and is therefore suitable for construction of building near seashore or as a flooring material and wall facing in chemical industries due to its acid and alkali resistant properties. 

Beige Sandstone became popular material due to its durability, strength and beauty. This stone is used as the sole building stone in almost all civil works.

Dholpur pink sand stone

Sandstone usage is very much in fashion right now and looks good in both a contemporary or traditional setting and as your interior fashions changes you will have a good neutral base on which to add any color, pattern, style or design. Beige Stone walling at entrance hall can transform a property and can make the area seem more spacious, particularly when extended through the house, into the kitchen or conservatory, rooms which really suit a solid floor.

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Dholpur beige sand stone

Dholpur Stone Price Rang Starts from 12/-sq.ft. upto 72/-sq.ft.,Dholpur Stone thickness Start From 12mm To 80mm.Dholpur Stone color Beautiful And Charming,Dholpur Red sand stone used In Staps And wall Clading Out Side The House And Lauwn

​​​​Dholpur Red Sand Stone

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