dholpur stone texture

Dholpur stone texture

Dholpur Stone Texture – Generic Description”Dholpur Stone texture” material is a dispersion of Inorganic Mineral Fillers, Pure Quartz and Board Spectrum Fungicide, Stabilized by an Acrylic co-polymer.Uses & Application To create a Dholpur Stone style texture coat, ideal for interior and exterior surfaces of commercial and residential buildings.Features

Dholpur Stone texture

·         Easy to apply and can be applied on all absorbent surfaces.

·         Creates a rustic, Dholpur stone texture like finish.

·         Forms a hard texture of dholpuri stone body that is excellent against abrasion and scratch

·         Versatile in dholpur stone design

·         Water and alkali resistance

·         Colour Availability wide range of colors packing

·         Packing System: loose and wooden box

·         Dholpur Stone Finish Material: 22.0 Kg.

·         Total Pack Size: 24.0 Kg.

·         No Of CoatsTwo CoatCoverageCoverage per bulk : 70 Sq. ft. (It may vary as per plaster surface)Method Of ApplicationBy Trowel

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